Carp streamer in Azumino

c0117758_10395373.jpg[Carp streamers are swiming in the sky of Azumino]

May 5 is Children's Day. This day is boy's festival.
We Japanese decorate carp streamers and congratulate it.
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Rape blossoms and Alps

c0117758_10312776.jpg[Rape blossoms and Mt. Jonen]

You can see Japan alps over the rape blossoms at Horigane Azumino-city.
This field is about 30 min on foot from Toyoshina station (10min by Taxi).
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Kusama-Yayoi colored Coke vending machine

c0117758_10214699.jpg[Kusama-Yayoi colored Coke vending machine]

What surprising color is this?
This machine is at Matsumoto city museum.
only 15 min from Matsumoto station on foot.
(You can get 100Yen Bus or Taxi there.)
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c0117758_9175288.jpg[Kaichi-school with wistaria]

One of the oldest elementary schools in Japan.
The foundation of the school was 1873, and this schoolhouse was
built in 1876.
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Mt.Jonen in evening


Northern Japanese Alps Mt.Jonen is in front of Azumino.
We love this mountain. Morning, daytime, evening,and of course at night.
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Matsumoto-castle at spring night

[Matsmoto-castle with Cherry blossoms at spring night]


Please push here if you want to learn this castle.
Live camera
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Note vending machine in Zenkoji Temple

c0117758_8115165.jpgThere is a Note vending machine in Zenkoji Temple.

A great priest appropriates beads to people's heads every morning.
People become happy by that.

Can you find the vending machine?
# by my-shinshu | 2007-05-03 08:13 | Nagano-city